reactors collage

High-pressure reactors (or laboratory autoclave press) manufactured under the trademark UOS LAB® are intended for carrying out chemical reactions  and physical processes under conditions of high pressure and temperature. The capacity of commercial reactors is varied from  20   ml to 5000 ml but it is also possible to manufacture the reactors of greater capacity for customer's specific needs. The effective pressure inside the reactor reaches up to 200 bar, the reheat temperature reaches up to  250°С The standard model of reactor is manufactured of stainless steel  AISI 316 " Ti or alloys of Hastelloy depending on conditions of  performed reactions, processes or tests. The heat block with electric heating is used for heating the reactor and for cooling the heat block is equipped with  water feeding jacket. Having connected intercooled thermostat to the jacket it is possible to reach negative temperatures. The system is equipped with equilibrium distribution of temperature which is controled by temperature controller. Stirring in autoclave presses is performed by overhead stirrer   via magnetic clutch or magnetic anchors of magnetic mixer
High-pressure reactors have undergone the certification in UkrSEPRO system, they meet the national standards. Declaration of conformance  UA.034.D.0514-13, they are manufactured serially, according to 97/23/EC, meet the technical  regulations  of equipment safetythat works under pressure.



 The scheme of typical reactor